Having sacrificed his hope for survival to save his friends, all Meical Grabian wants now is to survive his transformation from vampire to incubus long enough to see the sun rise. One night with his first prey will see him through so he can feel the sun on his face for the first time in two centuries.

It seems simple enough when the woman his creator provides for him finds him in a snowstorm and takes him into the warmth of her cabin--until Meical realizes how uniquely gifted and dangerously vulnerable his rescuer is. She needs to live much more than he needs to die, and he is her only hope.

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Empath Caroline Bengal knows a secret that can get her killed. Trusting no one, she lives in hiding to avoid being found by those who work for the powerful drug lord she sent to prison. Better than a loaded gun at her side, her ability to sense the presence of others from the emotions they feel serves as her best protection. It helps that she's determined not to get involved in other people's problems, even though that's difficult for a person who has devoted her life and gift to counseling.

But from the moment she pulls Meical Grabian out of a snowdrift near her cabin, all her rules of survival begin to crumble. The hunger and need that emanate from him make it impossible for her not to offer her help, even when she realizes he's much more than just a lost soul she's rescued from a snowdrift. He's worth the risk, but will she survive it?